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Easter Eggsercise!!

By Admin | In Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice | on April 20, 2014


Burn off your chocolate calories with this quick, Easter related workout:

Obviously perform 5-10 minute warm up before completing these exercises.  Some exercises are of a plyometric nature so only perform if you are of reasonable fitness level with no injuries.  Make sure you keep good form all the time.


Repeat the following 3 x for time.


50 x Bunny Hops –

Use a chair or bench or something similar and place hands onto bench.  Keep the wrists under the shoulders.  Bring your feet and knees together and then jump your feet from side to side.  Focus on lifting your knees up as you jump.

40 x Chocolate Crunchies –

Lie on your back with your knees flexed.  Keep your heels on the ground.  Take you hands behind your head and keep elbows back.  Breathe in, as you breathe out pull stomach in and crunch up, bringing head and shoulders off the ground.  Keep your chin slightly tucked (make a double chin.)

30 x Bunny tucks (squat thrust)

Start in a push up push position, so hands are under shoulders, and your up onto toes.  Keep core tight.  Then jump your knees into your chest, then jump the feet back out into your push up position again.  Thats one.  Do 29 more.

20 x Lateral hops

Have some sort of small hurdle (whether it is an actual hurdle or just a small pile of books or something).  Stand on one leg and hop over your hurdle, then straight away hop back.  Try to keep knee stable, so you land softly, and try and keep minimal ground contact time.  Do 20 hops on one leg, then switch to do the other.

10 x Bunny spring squats (jumps)

Start in a squat position with arms down by your side.  Then power up through your legs, extending your hips and thrusting your arms overhead to jump as high as you can.  Land in a squat position as quietly as you can, then go again straight away, so again you keep minimal ground contact time.


Finish with some foam rolling and stretching.








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