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Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice'S ARCHIVE

  • Last month I wrote about being addicted to food and how this is manifested by your behaviour towards food and the associations you have.  I would like to develop on this same theme and talk more about emotional eating.  I am currently reading a fascinating book by Elsa Jones, a cognitive behavioural therapist, and I’d […]

  • Addiction does not always have to involve an addictive substance or drug, as the term can be used to describe an excessive behaviour such as compulsive eating. While there are different schools of thought and the scientific literature in this area is still in the beginning phases, many experts believe that addiction to food is […]

  • Separating fact from fiction There’s a lot of information on any given package. How do you know what’s useful and accurate… and what’s not? Some label claims are governed by laws that say manufacturers can’t make false claims. For instance, a can of tomatoes must say “tomatoes”, and the consumer can be pretty confident that […]

  • Wake up and smell the coffee! For those of you who have been on my Champneys Bootcamp you may think I am being highly hypocritical here as during the Bootcamp week we cut out all caffeine for the week.  However, this is often due to people consuming too much caffeine and not drinking it at […]

  • Sleep, Glorious Sleep

    By Admin | In Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice | on November 17, 2014

    Wish you could have a better nights sleep?  Have disrupted sleep patterns, always feeling tired, lack energy?  Maybe you are making some mistakes that you could correct to give you that better nights sleep that you desire…..   To solve trouble sleeping, you must look at your circadian rhythms.  This is your biological clock and […]

  • Captain Immune

    By Admin | In Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice | on October 27, 2014

    Clocks have gone back, Winters here, Boost your immune system! We are officially in cold and flu season.  The panic buy of various medicines to try and treat our ailments will set in, oranges and lemons go up in demand, but how do we really boost our immune system to combat the seasonal illness?   […]

  • On a recent trip to the supermarket I decided to take a few photos so I could talk about how big companies try to fool the customer into believing their product is healthier for them than others, but actually it is a load of rubbish. This first photograph highlights this point exactly: Look at this […]

  • Fat Confusing You?

    By Admin | In Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice | on August 31, 2014

      There has been a lot about ‘Fat’ in the media over the last 6 months and it has probably confused the hell out of you.  Should I eat it?  What type of fat should I be eating?  How much?  Won’t it make me fat? Read on and I’ll hopefully I’ll help to clear a […]

  • Increase your protein intake for fat loss and optimal body composition   Too many people turn to reducing calories when trying to lose weight, rather than looking at what they are eating and adjusting to healthier choices and providing the body with the nutrients it needs to perform optimally.   One of the most common […]

  • A woman’s training plan is often sabotaged through the lies and stereotypes that are created around the area.  Below are 10 tips debunking these myths and helping you towards a fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier you. 1. Prioritise weight training Whether your goal is fat loss, stronger curves or a healthier you, weight training is […]

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