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Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice'S ARCHIVE

  • Weekends Failing You?

    By Admin | In Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice | on November 23, 2016

    Fall Short On The Weekends Negating Your Hard Work During The Week? Then Read On…….   Learn strategies to stop the Weekend Weakness 1. Learn ‘good enough’ Rather than trying to commit to being ‘perfect’ this weekend, just learn to be happy with ‘good enough’.  You may have been invited or organised to meet some friends […]

  • A diet only works if you stick to it, a training plan only works if you follow it through. Willpower only lasts a certain amount of time.   Therefore adopting lifestyle habits is the true key to long term success.   Increase your likelihood of success with these habit inducing strategies: 1. Combine nutrition and […]

  • So maybe you didn’t like the thought of eating mealworm spaghetti or stir fry grasshoppers, but we can all make the effort to eat more vegetables and consume less mass produced meat products in an effort to save the planet. With Leonardo Di Caprios new documentary film “Before the Flood” and YouTube’s much watched documentary […]

  • What’s for DINNER?” This is, it’s safe to say, a question asked every evening up and down the UK by a multitude of kids, their tummies rumbling after a busy day.  If you answer “beefburgers”, and unless they’re vegetarian, they’ll probably munch down with delight and polish off the lot before asking for seconds. But […]

  • How To Overcome Food Addiction If you follow what I read on my various social media outlets you may now have come to realise that your relationship with food may be heading towards an ‘addiction’. Today I would like to offer advice on how to start to overcome that addiction and create a healthier relationship […]


    By Admin | In Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice | on January 13, 2016

    THE FESTIVE TIME IS OVER AND 2016 IS WELL UNDER WAY – IT IS TIME TO DETOX THAT LIVER The liver is the body’s, major organ for detoxification.  It’s our second largest organ and it’s our heaviest organ (probably heavier than normal right now too).  Everything we ingest passes through the liver and produces about 1 litre […]

  • Raw food has become very popular these days, but is it always the best choice for your health?  Is it always the most efficient way of extracting nutrients from the food you eat?   To go straight to the point, well no it is not always the case.  There is a lot more to the […]

  • Counting calories is not a sure way of controlling your weight and fat.  If your hormones are out of sync then a calorie deficit may still lead to fat storage. Focus has to be on balancing your hormones by looking closely at food types (macros and micros) and time of consumption, but pairing this with […]

  • With the clocks changing at the weekend, the days are drawing in, with darkness falling upon us at about 5pm now. Soon it will be dark at 3.30pm and for many of this will mean a total lack of daylight during the Winter months. Vitamin D can only be taken into the body via sunlight […]


    By Admin | In Exercise and Nutrition Tips and Advice | on September 2, 2015

    Last week I was training in a gym and got continually frustrated with the whole environment and the gym goers lack of understanding of how to train. It is not the lack of understanding that frustrates me, but the persistence to continue to ‘wreck’ your own body in the pursuit of a ‘better’ body without […]

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