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The 30 Day No Sugar Plan

This is a fully comprehensive nutritional plan to help you kick the addiction of eating sugar based foods.

It includes:

1. The comprehensive plan

2. The foods you can eat

3. The foods you can’t eat

4. Weekly plans

5. Shopping lists

6. The science behind it

7. Recipes including ideas for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners

8. 30 Day Exercise Plan with follow along videos

9. Support, motivation, and guidance from Richard Green PT.

All for just £9.99

A small investment in yourself.  You are worth it.  Get it TODAY, not tomorrow, and start to achieve the goals you have always wanted.



Why should I do this plan?

Sugar is EVIL.

Sugar has no nutritional value and is a chronically toxic substance.  This means that its toxicity develops over a long period of time.   Sugar is metabolised the same way that ethanol (alcohol) is, but ethanol’s toxicity is acute whereas sugars toxicity is chronic, so although you think right now it is not causing you any problems, in a few years time that will not be the case.  Sugar consumption (specifically the fructose component) is the first step in the process of disease that includes metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, obesity, many forms of heart disease, hypertension, dyslipidemia, pancreatitis, hepatic dysfunction and possibly even cancer.

In a world where there are now more and more low fat and fat free foods in the shops, and more and more emphasis on exercise and sport participation, why is the number of overweight and obese people still on the rise?  Well, sugar could well be the answer.  For example, these low fat and fat free foods are often made more palatable by adding sugar.  For example in a small pot (125g) of a ‘fat free Activia vanilla yoghurt’ there is 12.5g of sugar.

Fat is essential for the body.  It has nutritional value.  Sugar does not.  It is a poison just like alcohol is a poison.

Sugar has ‘addictive’ like properties, and it is therefore very hard to stop eating, and when you do eat sugar you generally eat more and more of it, as you crave it more and more.  What if you could stop those cravings?  Open your palate up to a whole range of new flavours.  It will take 30 days to stop cravings and change behaviour, but do this plan and you will reap the benefits.  Not only will you decrease the likelihood of getting the problems mentioned above but you will also see fat loss, inches lost around the waist, better sleep, more energy, balanced blood sugars, more productivity, more motivation and a whole new palate.

Click below for healthy eating plan that can guarantee to change your life for the better.  

Don’t wait for tomorrow, start today.

I have trialled this plan and everyone has had very positive results; from losing 5kg in just the first 2 weeks, being more energised, sleeping much better even within the first week, to losing inches off their waist (the most troublesome area for most) and to eating more interesting and exciting foods.  Everyone has now stopped eating added sugars.

Now its your turn to make the right decision.

Click below for healthy eating plan that can guarantee to change your life for the better.  

©2013 Richard Green PT
Personal Training and Fitness Coaching